Our Story

Shoon Sen Group (Holding Company)

Acquired Money Lending License and operated multiple Pawn Shops


City Motors Sdn Bhd. Incorporated

Started off with some reputable names such as Mazda, BMW, Lancia, Datsun, Mitsubishi


Property Venture

Ventured into our first property in Ipoh, Perak and donated it to "Our Lady Hospital" which was renowned for new-born babies.


Alfa Romeo Era

Alfa Romeo took notice upon us and appointed City Motors Group as the Sole Distributors of Alfa Romeos in Asia


Malaysian Police Force Deal

City Motors Group bagged a deal to supply fleets of Alfa Romeos to The Royal Malaysian Police Force


Plantation Venture

Ventured into Agricultural 2,000+ Acres Agricultural Plantation Land


First Property Development Project

Completed our first Property Development Project in Hong Kong. The Foo Yet Kai Building named after our Founder's Late Father.


Kinta Medical Center

Took over operations from "Our Lady Hospital" and renamed it to Kinta Medical Canter as a "non-profit Hospital"


Plantation Expansion

Invested into another 3,000+ Acres of Agricultural Plantation Land


Aquaculture Ventures

Ventured into Aquaculture (Prawns, Shrimp, Fish Feed + aquaculture equipment, bio-tech water treatment materials and vitamins


Started First Township Development

Developed our first property on our 113 Acre Taman Nirwana, Selangor Township.
City Garden Orchid Court. 90 Units


Most Philantrophic Developer

The Group was awarded the Most Philantropy Developer in 2012 by the Malaysia Reserve Editors Choice Property Award.


Office Relocation

Acquired Kompleks Penchala 130,000 Square Footage of Leaseable Industrial Space Refurbished and Renamed to Kompleks Wan Kien Relocated Bangsar Office to Kompleks Wan Kien


Hotel Venture

Signed a Deal with Hotelier Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) To operate 4-star Holiday Inn Bangsar Hotel


Departure from Automobile

In the Year 2020 City Motors Group have completely deviated from the Automobile Industry. Keeping focus on Property Development, Agriculture Plantation & Aquaculture


Vision, Mission & Commitment

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in setting new heights in innovation and fostering workforce talents on a global scale.

Our Mission

To create and nurture space that unites lives for a better tomorrow and beyond.

Our Commitment

To constantly learn and grow together to strengthen and shape future innovators, leaders, and challengers.

Core Values


Represents our mindfulness in everything we do in all circumstances.


Represents our drive to work hard and embrace teamwork in achieving excellence, together.


Represents our commitment in producing the best version of our work as possible, from the planning stages on the drawing board to the delivery of projects and businesses.


Represents our objective to build future-proof developments and businesses that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.