Our Founder

Dato' Foo Wan Kien

Founder, City Motors Group

Since our establishment in 1965, City Motors Group under the leadership of Dato' Foo Wan Kien has grown from a small poultry farmer to incorporating an automotive, and then to property development business as of today.

His passion for entrepreneurship lead him to turn his hobby in agriculture into poultry farming instead of following and taking over his father’s tin mining business.

Dato’ Foo subsequently branched into automotive financing and later founded City Motors Sdn Bhd. as a sub-dealer for Mazda and BMW. His success in the dealership under Asian Motors drew the attention of Alfa Romeo’s principal.

He was soon appointed as the car brand’s sole distributor, making City Motors Sdn Bhd. to be the first company from Ipoh to obtain and manage a franchise from Europe.

His devotion and leadership in City Motors Group resulted in Alfa Romeo’s success in penetrating into the Malaysian market. Dr. Dinora, the Managing Director at Alfa Romeo stated that City Motors was “the best distributor in the world”.

Dr. Dinora, the Managing Director at Alfa Romeo at the time stated that City Motors was “the best distributor of Alfa Romeo(s) in the world”.

Dato’ Foo is also committed towards providing charity and philantrophic community aid to help anyone in need. Following his father’s legacy and in philantropy, he continues to participate in charitable work under the Foo Yet Kai Foundation operating Non-Profit Hospital Kinta Medical Centre, Shen Jai School and Yunting Hospital China.

Dato’ Foo led City Motors Group in philantropy and contribution to the community over the years, drawing the attention of The Malaysia Reserve. In the Year 2012 the Group was awarded “The Most Philantropy Developer” in 2012 by The Malaysia Reserve Editors Choice Property Award.